It's getting hot in here, in terms of The Voice's Season 14 moves. The Top 10 was revealed on Tuesday (May 10), eliminating one contestant. Was it from Team Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, or Alicia Keys?

Spoiler ahead: It wasn't from Shelton's team. In fact, Shelton had yet another remarkably smooth night, in which all of his team made it through unscathed, just as America had voted. Yes, Pryor Baird, Kyla Jade, and Spensha Baker all moved into the Top 10.

The eliminated contestant was Sharane Calister, from Team Adam. This leaves the Top 10 comprising three from Team Blake, three from Team Alicia (her contestant Christiana Danielle was spared by an instant save), and two each from Team Kelly and Team Blake.

Shelton — who holds the distinction of the coach with the most wins over the entire history of the show — seems to be on yet another trajectory toward a win. He's working with two solidly country artists, the classic bar-voiced Baird alongside the ethereal, less traditional Baker, plus the genre-bending Jade, whose gospel chops powered her into a career as a backup singer for some of Nashville's finest.

Shelton's country competition comes in the form of Team Kelly's Kaleb Lee and Team Adam's Jackie Verna, and while they are both extremely talented, it's hard to deny that Shelton's power trio is going to put up a formidable front.

Could Shelton win The Voice again? We'll be keeping an eye on things all the way to the season's finale, so stick with us and let's see what happens.

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