Sorry people with curvy bodies. Instagram is pretty much over it. That’s right, Instagram has banned another hashtag. This time it’s #curvy.

While Instagram hasn't banned #fat, #thin or #skinny, they've banned #curvy and they say it's because some people were using it to share images and video that violated its nudity policies.

Well, guess what? Curvy people aren't taking the hashtag ban lying down!

People who used to post under #curvy are now posting at #curvee instead. And there are also hashtags popping up including #bringcurvyback.

Instagram user mcstephanton wrote, "Instagram is a shambles for deleting this word. You can't stop us!" And user mayahthomas1 wrote, "I love my curves, I embrace my curves, I wear clothes that showcase them to the fullest and make me feel incredible."