What can we say about Penn Hills? "Enjoyed" by many in its prime and now... Well, kinda creepy. We had EVP's (Electronic Voice Phenomenon ) in all of our audio and our equipment ran out of battery power very quickly as if something was sapping our battery packs for energy to speak to us. You'll see Bridget in the video staring at the camera and her phone. She had to replace the batteries in the camera twice and she could not get the video mode to work on her camera, so we had to resort to my cell phone, which ended up hanging up and being jittery. The longer we were there, the worse it got.

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Aerial View Of Penn Hills Lodge And Cottages Analomink

Penn Hills was a great location. The owner died at 102 years old, after that the resort closed. They owed over a million in back taxes and couldn't even issue their employees their final paychecks. In its glory, this resort was THE destination for people with a swinging lifestyle. Check out this old TV spot:

I will be pulling the audio from all of our video and collecting the EVPs for you to listen to for an Abandoned Extra. But for now, here is the next episode of Abandoned with Rich Birdsall. Enjoy!

Here's all the stills that We captured and for time restraint left out of the video:

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