Here we are in the second full week of January and it's Male Watcher's Week so men it's time that we get it right for the ladies. We know what we want from a woman but we rarely think about what they would like from us.

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We want respect even more than love. I know that is certainly true for me because if you don't respect what I do then there really isn't any reason to have a conversation.

For women, it doesn't seem as simple. Maybe that's because I'm a man and as we all have heard, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. We think if we have enough money or if we were taller than that would do the trick.

That may help for a little while but not as long as we'd like. So try these things instead:

I've heard that women like a great leader. I agree with that but there is a difference between letting us lead and you telling us how we should lead. Once again, it comes down to respect.

Here's one that I've read and believe, Put her first. If you put her ahead of yourself, you'll be amazed at what she'll do for you. It's along the same lines of submitting to each other but that Bible verse has taken a beating by people that take it WAY OUT OF CONTEXT.

Here's one that I've counted on forever. Have a sense of humor and don't take yourself so seriously. I've found that bad jokes are better than no jokes at all. Humor can change your day, mood, and life. In fact, humor has helped me to live the life I have now.

Take it from a man that's made his share of mistakes and hoping that I do it better the next time around. You have a month till Valentine's Day, so if you start now, you may find the lady that's looking for someone like you.

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