The once every ten-year survey of the population of the United States is just around the corner and Director of the Broome County Department of Planning and Economic Development, Frank Evangelisti appears on this weekend's weekly, local public affairs program, Southern Tier Close Up to detail the many uses of the Census.

Evangelisti says the numbers track not only the number of people living in an area, which is an important component in figuring representation in Congress but also examine other details of the make-up of the population that can impact funding for services and programs.

The planning director adds the numbers can be used by anyone through for national numbers and even more detailed and precise numbers from Broome Count at the geographical system website:

There have been a lot of changes in the past ten years since the last Census including the immigration question and the increased use of computer technology to answer the survey and compile the numbers.

Evangelisti stresses completing the census not only is essential for governmental representation, calculating businesses decisions and allocating funding but it is the law.

Residents should start seeing notifications of the census and how to complete the survey coming their way in March, 2020.

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