The amazing thing about having the internet at our disposal every minute of every day is that we can learn how to do anything. Not only that, we can almost always find some sort of website or other avenue to show off new projects. In fact, we can become so enthralled with projects and all sorts of content that other people can produce on a regular basis, we become convinced that we can do the same. Whether that be creating videos for YouTube, posting up original stories and art, or even just trying to open an online store to sell hand-made crafts. 

But what should we do when these projects become too daunting? 

Fact is, many of the people you see making a living online aren’t just normal people starting up, at least, not anymore. While it’s possible to fulfill a project or dream, there’s still an incredibly small chance of it happening. A majority of content creators you see in the spotlight have the time, money and help of possibly an entire company to be able to devote themselves to what they do.  

When you’re trying to work on a hobby, sometimes that isn’t possible. 

In short, always know your limitations. Whether that’s setting a budget for yourself, setting aside set time to work on side projects, or even getting others to aid you with certain aspects of your project, any work is still work. If you try to push yourself too hard, you will cause yourself more stress than something is worth. 

Go out, follow your dreams and enjoy your hobbies; but take the time to make sure it won’t add onto the stress the world already puts on you.

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