If you're hoping to get out of the house this year and spend some time outdoors hunting, you aren't alone. 

The NY DEC says they're seeing a huge surge in people applying for hunting licenses this year.

It makes sense.  With a pandemic still hovering over our country, and many of the activities that we normally do in jeopardy, people are starting to plan how they want to spend their time this year. And filling their freezer with meat in a time when the grocery stores can't always be counted on isn't a bad idea either.

They're saying these are unprecedented numbers though.

According to WIVB, "New York saw a 105% increase in people completing the course compared to the traditional in-person courses offered in 2019."  And on top of that, 40% of the people who took the course were women.

Hunting licenses cost money too.  So how much money does that add up to for New York State?  We are two weeks into the season and they've sold about $6.2 million worth of licenses.  That number is normally around $3.5 million at this time of year.

Really, if you're looking for an activity that is about as safe as it gets when it comes to protecting yourself from COVID-19, hunting is perfect.  You're out in the wilderness, away from other people.  It's the ultimate social distancing activity.



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