It's here, Spring will officially begin this evening at 5:58 p.m. The weather is springlike with temperatures in the mid-50's. Don't let that get you too excited because winter-type weather could return tomorrow with the possibility of 3 inches of snow tomorrow night.

Okay, back to today, here are the signs that Spring has arrived!

My relatives are taking the heater BACK to the pawn shop.

Things are budding out all over.  As in, Buds and Bud lights at my buddy's house. He's getting ready for a late night on Thursday when Syracuse travels to the West Region to play against Baylor. The problem is that tip-off isn't until 9:58 p.m. so he'll be lucky if he makes it to halftime.

Snow on top of my convertible is gone.....replaced by bird poo at the house and lime deposits from the parking garage. YUCK!

It's the perfect temperature to go outside....and look at your phone the whole time.

A young man's fancy turns to thoughts of "love."  I've been reminded by the wife that I'm not young anymore, so forget it.....again.

Today the daylight length (interval between sunrise and sunset) is pretty much the same everywhere, 12 hours and 8 minutes.

One last fact: Spring begins today in the Southern Tier but in the southern hemisphere, today is the beginning of autumn!


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