In my short 26 years here on this earth I have discovered one thing: Older siblings are here solely to embarrass their younger siblings.

Here we are on National Sibling Day or #NationaSiblingDay across social media, and we all need to share some stories about how we have embarrassed our siblings.

My sister hated having the same last name as me as she progressed through high school. She is three years younger than me, and that means I had a head start on making her life difficult. She was forever known as "Lil Franiak" during her four years at Spring-Ford High School.

When it was time for her to go to college she had one stipulation: she didn't want to share a bathroom. Marywood University in Scranton made her shortlist.

We toured the campus alongside my parents and my sister really enjoyed the tour.

Then came the cafeteria/dining hall. I knew I had to embarrass my sister a little bit. At the end of the dining hall tour the guide asked if anyone had any questions.

This was my moment.

I raised my hand and asked "Just wondering if they cut your steak into little pieces here, my sister is 18-years-old and my dad still cuts her food for her."

I like to think she was mortified.

My job was done.

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