Days have began to blend together and weeks have blurred since everyone has been stuck at home with work, family and constant Covid-19 news flooding their news feeds. Then suddenly an alert. It’s your best friends birthday tomorrow but you can’t go out, so what is there to do? That is how I felt this past Monday. Never in my life did I expect to bring in year 26 during a global pandemic.

Now more than ever the art of conversation and social interaction are being tested. Throwing a virtual birthday party is one of those Covid-19 hurdles people will laugh about in the future. There are several ways to still enjoy a party while abiding by the safety social distancing guidelines that are in place.

Setting a time to speak with people can help keep interactions celebratory and cover all your bases – friends and family. People Magazine says that setting up a fun background for a video chat and dressing up can also help raise your spirits. I felt so loved when a bunch of my friends called me for a virtual happy hour/

If you choose to throw a Zoom party with 15 people – you are brave. Remember to have some ice breakers ready and designate a beginning and ending time. And never ever forget to have some cake

You can also Hop on Instagram Live. One of the best things about that platform is you never know who is gonna pop up. Other ideas are t have a birthday spa day, have a birthday parade an treat yourself to your favorite dinner.

It's not as bad as i seems, trust me.

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