Can you believe weekend is the Taste of Country Music Festival, June 13th-15th at Hunter Mountain. Do you have your tickets and ticket packages yet?  Go here to get them.

It's supposed to be Hillary's last show before Lady Antebellum go off the road, so she can become a mom. Hillary still makes public appearances and performs on stage. Looking her best is important.  So how does she does she do it?  Here are some of her secrets.

When it comes to her lips, Hillary tells People Country, "I use Tarte lip gloss a lot. It stays on and doesn't do that cakey thing where if you leave it on, you get that ugly line." Hillary also swears by her Amazing Cosmetics concealer. She says, "I use it for everything. They have a handful of colors that you blend to match your skin tone."

She's always looking for one personal beauty item. She loves her deodorant.  It's Secret, Va Va Vanilla.  She loves the smell, and if she can't find it, she's really sad.  So if you win the passes to meet Hillary and the rest of Lady Antebellum, you could surprise her and take her some.  How do you win Meet and Greet?

Listen to 98.1 the Hawk in the 7,9,12,3 and 6 o'clock hour for the cue to call to qualify for the meet and greet passes. You'll also qualify for passes to the Taste of Country Music Festival. 

Another way to win passes to the Fest, is to go here. See you on the Mountain next week.