Does it seem like you get more mosquito bites than your friends or family? It might not just be your imagination. Here are five things that make mosquitos more attracted to one person over another.

1. Your Blood Type - According to IFLScience, those with Type O are preferred by mosquitos. "They found that a particular sugar found in blood type O was attractive to the mosquitoes, though once a mosquito has picked its target, it's unlikely blood type will make much difference."

2. Carbon Dioxide - IFLScience explains, "all mosquito species will use something called a maxillary palp to sense the carbon dioxide you’re exhaling. Mixed with the host’s body odor and both molecules "have been found to induce a take-off and sustained flight of the insects." Basically, this means people who breathe more, will attract more mosquitos!

3. Lactic Acid - It's what builds up in your system after periods of exercise, and in addition to causing muscle soreness, it is another chemical that attracts mosquitos.

4. Pregnancy - One reason is because pregnant women breathe at a higher rate, expelling more carbon dioxide, another reason "could be related to the fact that pregnancy increases blood flow to the skin, which means that on average they run at around 0.7°C warmer than normal, making them easier for heat-seeking insects to find."

5. Beer - One study found that "drinking as little as 350ml of 5.5 percent beer the number of mosquitos on the volunteer’s skin significantly increased, it was only a very limited study of 13 people." Based on that evidence, I wouldn't skip the beer.

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