Hint, it's a lot of eye makeup.

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Summer 2020 will be unlike any other in the United States for a lot of reasons. But speaking only on the subject of summer beauty -- which usually involves beachy, tousled waves, liberal use of bronzer, and a peachy, pouty lip -- this year couldn't be less predictable.

Last season designers weren't thinking about face masks being the must-have accessory for summer, and summer makeup trends usually seet away from complicated eye looks.

This year, it's all about the eyes.

Celebrity makeup artist Vincent Oquendo tells People magazine, "So with half our face protected and covered, it is certainly an opportunity to really make the eyes look their best because they are the only part of our face we can really showcase to celebrate our individuality during this global pandemic."

Co-founder of Urban Decay, Wendy Zomnir points out that eye makeup enhances even your virtual connections.

"The screen is your impression," Zomnir says. "You're going to see an uptick in lashes, shadow and brow products."

Eye trends include lots of color -- from shadows to liners -- jewel tones and bright colors appear to be the way to give your eyes maximum impact, when half your face is covered with a face mask.

Go light on the foundation this summer, and maybe forego it altogether. File it under #facemaskproblems but you'll find an imprint of the lower half of your face on the inside of your mask after wearing it in hotter weather.

If you must use some type of face makeup, opt for a long-wear formula and always use setting spray or powder to minimize transfer.


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