We've all done it. We had a ton of stuff to do and we were behind the wheel. So we know even though it's against the law, the world doesn't wait for your commute to end. You answer that email, call your supervisor back or text your employee the information they need right now.  It could kill you or someone else. I know you've heard this before and have probably said "It's all good, I can multi-task" but you might want to think twice about it.

A recent study was done pinning millions of miles of driving data to stats over three years, and found that texting actually IS NOT the most dangerous thing you can do behind the wheel. Now that I've said this, I'm not expecting you to just freely start texting and wheeling your daily driver down the Vestal Parkway. Just put the phone in the right seat face down like I do and let it ring and ding. Resist the urge!

Ok, now that I've dropped my father-like schpeel upon you, some of the six most dangerous things you can do behind the wheel according to the New York Times include dialing a phone number (you're 12 times more likely to crash while doing it), reading or writing (seriously?), and, obviously, texting.


They also found the average driver gets distracted at least once on more than half of their commutes. Distracted driving plays a major role in 70% of serious accidents, and you're 36 times more likely to crash if you drive drunk.

[Via: NY Times]