Halloween is one of my favorite times of year. There’s tons of horror movies on television, tons of fall treats, and more importantly tons of leftover pumpkin seeds. These leftover seeds come from everyone’s favorite (usually infuriating) Halloween activity: carving pumpkins. I love roasting those seeds with garlic, salt, and pepper. YUM!

The traditional Jack O’Lantern can be a great family activity. You go to the pumpkin patch, jump on a tractor, drive out to the field and pick out perfect pumpkin. Then you return home and decide what kind of expression your Jack will have. Its fun, but somewhat time consuming.


That’s where pineapples come to the rescue. Yep, the prickly fruit with giant green leaves is now the trendy Halloween item of the season.
You can stop by the grocery store grab your eggs, milk, bread, and swing by the produce section and score this unique Jack O’Lantern.


I am in love with this idea. As the temperatures gets colder and we continue on to winter, the pineapple keeps a little summertime on our minds. The pineapple reminds of cocktails on the beach, tropical places, and a delicious treat during the dog days of summer.


When you are finished carving a pumpkin you are left with a messy cluster of guts and seeds. The seeds are sometimes hard to harvest, but do wind up being scrumptious. When you are finished carving a pineapple, you are left with that sweet, sweet fruit. You can make smoothies, cakes, or cocktails.

Halloween just got a little bit sweeter!


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