Now that the warm weather months are here, not only are people taking to the outdoors, those who own motorcycles are back on the road, and it's a good time to go over some do's and don'ts for both motorcyclists and motorists.

May is Motorcycle Safety Month and the Broome County Sheriff's Office reminds riders to drive defensively, wear their helmet, and make sure their headlights are in working order. They need to be on at all times while riding on the roadways since it helps drivers see motorcycles better on the road.

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And for motorists, the Broome County Sheriff's Office has vehicle driver tips when entering a roadway at intersections, be aware and check for motorcycles. Also, when turning left, make sure there is enough time and space for the motorcyclist to clear the roadway before you initiate the left turn. Always be on the lookout for motorcycles, since they are harder to spot than a vehicle.

Here's an important thing to be aware of, through the Broome County Stop DWI Program and the Broome County Sheriff's office - if you mow next to a roadway, do not blow grass onto the road. It's very dangerous for motorcycles and could result in a crash with injuries or even death. Unfortunately, I've seen people mowing grass into the road far too many times.

If you mow close to a roadway, blow the grass (and any other debris) away from the road, not onto it. As a matter of fact, it's against the law in New York State to put any injurious items on any roadway.

I have never owned a motorcycle, but many of my family and friends do, and they enjoy riding down the road during the warm weather months, and shouldn't have to worry about careless people mowing grass in their path or placing dangerous items on the road. Thanks for looking out for motorcyclists.

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