During his daily press conference today Governor Cuomo extended NY Pause through April 29.

As efforts continue to slow the spread of the coronavirus, News 10 is reporting the Governor Cuomo has order schools and non-essential business to stay closed for two additional weeks.  This will now make April 29 the earliest possible date that things could start re-opening. But based on the last month or so, we would need to see some real progress in the reduction of coronavirus cases.

The good news is the Governor did allude to social distancing measures working, as COVID-19 deaths have leveled off a bit in recent days. He said it is key though that we continue these measures to keep things moving in the right direction.

From what I have seen looking at the graphs on TV, it does look like we could be hitting a plateau. So let's keep staying home, keep our distance and hopefully we can start getting back to our normal way of life sooner than later.

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