I watched this video over the weekend with my husband and we both were blinded by tears before it was even finished playing, so if you plan to watch this video, do yourself a favor and grab some tissues first.

10-year-old Emma Bennett was given a gift so absolutely fantastic that it launched unbelievable reactions from strangers all over the world who have shared her video has been shared millions of times over.

Like a lot of other girls, Emma was given an American Girl Doll, which was made in her likeness, but what she didn’t know until she completely opened the packaging was just how special her American Girl doll really was.

You see, Emma’s doll is custom made to look exactly like her- complete with blonde hair, a big smile and a prosthetic leg. Emma’s mom bought the doll and shipped it off to A Step Ahead Prosthetic, a company that makes artificial limbs for humans, but this time they were able to make one for a doll.

After making a prosthetic for the doll, the company sent it off to Emma’s mom with a note that read “After she arrived, she was given a room to stay while her new leg was being made in her favorite color, pink. After a few weeks of training, she is ready to go home and lead a life without limitations with you.”

Emma’s reaction to her new doll was absolutely priceless as she exclaimed, “You’ve got to be kidding me., It’s got a leg like me! I love you!” She then sobbed uncontrollably while hugging her doll.