If you love horror movies, you could make $1,000 just by watching some horror flicks for 24-hours.

CableTV.com is offering a $1,000 pay day, if you're willing to watch 24-hours of horror movies on Halloween night, according to WKBW. You'll also get a $50 Starbucks gift card to help keep you awake during the movie marathon and candy to binge on. You can apply from now through October 16, 2020.

CableTV.com lists some of the requirements for the job as,

"The sick-cessful candidate is a self-starter with an insatiable lust for nightmare fuel. When others say 'Nope,' you say, 'Hell, yeah.' You can stay up all night. You’re a US citizen over the age of 18. Most importantly, you’re a big horror fan—‘cause we don’t hire posers (not even as interns)."

According to CableTV.com's math, you would end up watching 12–16 movies in the 24-hour period.  They encourage you to curate your line-up "scarefully."  But CableTV.com says the possibilities are wide open,

"Anything goes: gooey gore-fests, m-m-m-monster movies, folk horror, killer clowns, ghost stories, giallo films, psychological thrillers, and even awesomely bad B-flicks."

To apply, you'll need to fill out the online application.  You'll be asked to provide some basic information, as well as tell them why you are the perfect scary movie "boo-er," like instead of viewer.  OK, I'll stop now with the corny Halloween puns.

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