Garth Brooks recently took his fans behind the scenes while surprising "Ask Me How I Know" songwriter Mitch Rossell on this week's episode of Inside Studio G. Brooks visited Rossell while he was being interviewed for SiriusXM’s The Highway about his first radio single, Brooks' "Ask Me How I Know," and it was an emotional episode for both Brooks and Rossell.

Before he heads into the studio for the big surprise, Brooks learns of a sweet message that his friend and frequent tour opener wrote to him upon the release of his first song as a songwriter to radio.

“Garth have changed my an artist and a songwriter...and as a person," Rossell writes (quote via Country Rebel). "Your example has inspired me to be a better man. You have showed me what it means to be a great leader. You have showed me what it means to be a great husband, father, and friend. You have showed me what it means to truly appreciate your fans and those working behind the scenes. Most of all, you have showed me love. I've said it a million times, and I've meant it every time...thank you."

An emotional start to the surprise for Brooks, he gets teary-eyed before heading to meet Rossell. “Ask Me How I Know” is the second single from Brooks' album Gunslinger, following “Baby, Let’s Lay Down and Dance.” Brooks announced “Ask Me How I Know” as his next single at a press conference during SXSW and debuted the song live at a concert in Philadelphia.

“He’s the reason I’m in this town…he’s influenced me more than anybody ever has,” Rossell says.

Watch above as Brooks learns the story behind his new single in the studio from Rossell.

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