If you're anything like me, a Garage Sale sign is like being addicted to drugs.  I cannot pass a Garage Sale sign without stopping.  I'm always thinking, no I won't turn around...but then I start thinking, 'but what if they have something valuable and don't know it.

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Here's my list of items I look for at Garage Sales:

  • Records, Records, and MORE records (I LOVE IT #1)
  • Audio Equipment ( Speakers, Tuners, etc)
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Furniture (Tables, Desks, Chairs, Sofa) (Must be in good condition)
  • Miscellaneous

Looking over my list makes me nervous.  What if the Garage Salers have or had COVID-19?  What if those people touching everything over have or had COVID-19?

According to Valley News Live in Fargo, ND, several people commented regarding the topic of 'Garage Sale-ing' during the pandemic:

People in the valley were excited when they saw "Huge multi-party sale" on Craigslist. They're not letting COVID-19 throw a wrench in their search for treasure. Stephanie Dame told the Valley News Live:

I'm not going to let it stop me.  They're garage sales. Can't pass it up."


We were pulling up, and we're like 'what about this whole social distancing?' and you know, the fact that it's a garage sale and people's belongings are outside.

Health experts say that the best practices for garage sales are similar to what we've been experiencing everywhere. Limiting the number of people who are in a garage at any one time is key, along with making sure that commonly-touched areas are sanitized regularly.

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