Every year, with every significant snowfall, my wife and I have the same conversation. Is it time to stop digging out our driveway, sidewalk, and paths for the dogs with a crappy shovel and make the switch to a decent snowblower?

Well, the obvious answer is yes, but we never actually made it come true. Mostly because buying a good snow blower that will handle what we need one for, can be costly. I don't really want to drop upwards of $1000 dollars on something that you may only use a few times a year.

But then when we do get a significant snow event, I'm cursing all the way as I sweat it out trying to clear the pile of snow and salt that was plowed into the end of my driveway. If you live here in the Northeast, you know exactly what I'm talking about.

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So, after the storm we just experienced, I had enough. I brought up the buying a snowblower conversation again with my wife, and we actually did some research, plus speaking with friends and relatives who own a snowblower (and it seems almost all of them own one), and we finally broke down and bought a snowblower.

It's a 2-stage, 27-inch electric self-propelled snowblower. Now I just have to learn how to use it and use it safely. Whether you are a pro with snowblowers or a novice like me, there are many tips for the best experience and for your safety as well.

With help from the Gardening Etc website, here are a few operating and safety tips to help your snow clearing be more efficient and safe. Always refer to your snowblower's manual for complete operating and safety tips. I'm now looking forward to the next snowstorm. Wow, I never thought those words would ever come from me.

6 Tips For Using A Snow Blower

via Gardening Etc.

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