Motorists, residents and businesses that have been suffering through the spring and summer with a detour around the reconstruction of the Front Street Gateway to the City of Binghamton have a reprieve for a few months.

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Front Street is open again from Prospect to Clinton Street.

The ride isn’t exactly smooth, but traffic can get through, including to businesses that have been suffering from a loss of customers.

The multi-million dollar reconstruction includes not only paving but infrastructure like drainage and sidewalks as well as lighting at the primary entrance to Downtown Binghamton from points to the north like from Interstate 81 and Route 17.

This spring, the road was shut down and traffic was directed through neighborhood streets.  Several businesses, including the Red Oak restaurant, complained their customers could not easily access their facilities and voters on Election Day said they had difficulty reaching their polling station.

Work will resume in the spring as the remaining infrastructure and paving is done.


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