Kopernik Observatory & Science Center is planing a big day on Friday, June 30th. Beginning at 3 pm, they are having an art meets science workshop.

Budding geologists will learn about different types of rocks and minerals and they can also make their own earrings, necklaces and ornaments.  They will also get to observe fluorescent rocks and create their own glow-in-the-dark pet rock.

Also at 3 pm, kids in grades 3 and 4 will take a journey through our solar system. There will be many activities where kids will learn about different planets and moons.

They will also make models, analyze rocks and drill for layers in a Mars cookie. The kids will get to interact with NASA scientists and work with Kopernik's NASA Solar System Ambassador.

Finally at 8:30 pm, Kopernik will help you Look Up and Dream Big. It's a chance to take your telescope and let the experts look at it's condition and show you how to use it. My daughter Tara bought a telescope last year at the Warren Center community yard sale and we've had decent luck with it.

So we are both very excited to go to this event and learn more about her telescope. We hope to see you there on Friday night.

Kopernik is located at 698 Underwood Rd, Vestal. To learn more about them and their programs, go here.

[via Kopernik]


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