Remember at the start of the coronavirus pandemic how store shelves that had only a week before been stocked were suddenly bare? Toilet paper and paper towels were impossible to find. Meat and canned goods were few and far between. Even bikes and kiddie pools were nowhere to be found.

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Even though our economy has opened up almost completely, experts say that we should prepare for several more months of not being able to find particular items because they're anticipated to fly off store shelves ahead of winter. Those who know more about the status of the coronavirus pandemic than you or I do warn that there may be yet another wave of the virus and that we may find ourselves spending more time at home all over again.

Whether you believe we're in for another round or not, it might not be a bad idea to take a peek at what some of the items are that are expected to not last long in stores and then make plans to purchase these things now just in case you can't find them in-store in a few months when you really want or need them.

Four Things to Buy Now Before They’re Impossible to Find This Winter

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