Isn't it funny how certain things can bring back floods of memories? A song, a smell, even certain foods.

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A friend recently asked me if when I eat corn I'm ever reminded of something from my past and as soon as the words came out of his mouth, I realized that it does. Not only did just thinking about fresh corn flood my mind with memories, but my tastebuds immediately went into overdrive.

I used to live in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, home of some of the world's most incredible sweet corn and it wasn't uncommon to stop by any one of the dozens of small stands that littered my route home from work and grab a couple of just-picked, fresh ears of corn.  With so much corn so readily available, I became quite the corn connoisseur and discovered many delicious ways to devour the golden nuggets of goodness. These are a few of my favorite summertime corn recipes.

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