If you've never had a deep-fried turkey, you're missing out. Imagine a turkey that cooks in a fraction of the time that it takes to roast one in the oven. Imagine a turkey with moist white meat, dark meat that bursts with flavor, and skin that is perfectly crisp and never, ever soggy.

This my friend, is what you'll get with a deep-fried turkey.

More and more people are turning to deep fryers to make their turkey for their Thanksgiving feast and while it doesn't take a rocket scientist to cook one this way, deep frying a turkey does come with some major, even life-threatening safety hazards.

If deep-frying a turkey is something that you plan to do this Thanksgiving, the New York Propane Gas Association has some tips on how to ensure that you'll be able to sit at the table and feast with your family and friends rather than spending the day sitting in the emergency room.

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    Set up Away From Your House

    You want to make sure that you set up the turkey fryer no less than 10-feet away from your house. No matter where you set up your fryer, keep a close eye on it, making sure to keep kids and pets far away and whatever you do, don't leave the frying unattended.

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    Find a Flat Piece of Ground

    The fryer oil needs to be at an even level and steady. So, put the fryer on a flat, level surface so that you can properly gauge how much oil you'll need.

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    Make Sure Your Turkey Is Thawed

    You know that incredible splatter that you get if you drop something frozen into a fryer or a pan of oil? Yeah, you don't want to do that with your turkey. The extra water from a frozen turkey will make the oil in your fryer bubble and sputter and that could cause a fire or even some horrific burns to your body. Make sure your turkey is thawed first!

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    Keep an Eye on the Temperature

    This should go without saying, but definitely be super careful when touching a turkey fryer because it's going to get incredibly hot and could burn you.

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    Be Ready to Fight Fire

    It's so much better to be prepared than not. So, just in case there's a fire, it's a really great idea to have a fire extinguisher or big bucket of water within reach.

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