A recent survey asked people how far they're willing to go to avoid getting sick.

55% said they've used hand sanitizer after shaking someone's hand. 35% have opened a door knob with their sleeve. 25% have actually asked someone who's sick to stay away from them, and 6% have worn a medical mask in public.

The survey also asked people how they prevent their significant other from getting them sick.  Here are the top five answers:

1. 54% said they avoid kissing them if they're sick.

2. 39% avoid sex, so 61% don't?

3. 31% wash their hands more often.

4. 17% would cancel a date, so they didn't have to deal with it.

5. 16% avoid sleeping in the same bed together.

Let's be honest, refrain from kissing and wash your hands frequently to avoid the sickness. It's your best shot.

The survey also found 66% of us would give up social media or alcohol to avoid getting sick. But it doesn't say how long you'd have to give it up for.

[Via USA Today]