Sure, the world may be crumbling all around us, but in the midst of it all, families are being drawn together in a way that most haven't experienced in forever.

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People are finding creative ways to show love and compassion. One of my friends shared photos of her son playing tic-tac-toe on the window with painters tape and a dry erase marker while a neighbor stood on the other side of the glass, dry erase marker in hand and also played.

Another friend showed a video of herself touching hands with her grandma through the glass of her memaw's nursing home. At one time, they touched cheeks through the glass and I couldn't stop the tears from falling because the feeling of love between the two was overwhelming.

For many, my family included, music has become our outlet. We sing and sing and sing some more. My boy was "supervising" me as I was splitting wood the other day when he looked up to the sea of trees above him and sang out, "this is Gooooood's county!" My son is only five, but he gets it. He feels it. John woke from a nap a few days ago singing a Jake Owen song and I ran to grab my phone so I could capture his bliss.

I'm a sucker for kids who adore their daddies and daddies who adore their kids. Dylan Scott is a dad who clearly loves his boy, Beckett. Beckett is a mini version of Dylan and while the Scott family is isolating, daddy and son have had a lot of time to sing together and the world is thankful they've decided to share their videos because they're simply precious.

And then there's this one...Dylan and Beckett singing a song Dylan wrote for his wife. Watch Beckett's expressions. So adorable!

What are you doing with your kids? If you've been singing and dancing and celebrating the small triumphs of each day, we'd love to see your video.

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