Ever notice that once you search something online, or even creepier, talk about something with a friend, it shows up on Facebook? You're not alone and now, Facebook announced a way to clear that history.

It seems to happen all of the time. I mention how I want to go to the Bahamas and I start seeing travel websites, bathing suits, and cruise ship ads on my Facebook page. Facebook recently announced what we already know and that they take that information and use it to advertise to us in hopes it's exactly what we're looking for. Now, Facebook just announced that if that creeps you out, there's a way to get rid of what they have stored on you.

Facebook just announced "Off-Facebook Activity," according to Buzzfeed. They say it "will allow people to see what kind of information it has collected about their online activity beyond its borders — from the news they read to the shopping websites they visit to the porn they watch — along with an option to dissociate that data from their accounts."

Off-Facebook Activity will not only show you the websites that shared your visit with Facebook but give you the option to turn off any future tracking. It's not available quite yet, it will first be given to people in Ireland, South Korea, and Spain, and then the rest of us in the next couple of months. It will be found under Settings > Off-Facebook Activity.

Here's the catch, though. You're not technically deleting the information or stopping Facebook from collecting it, it's just not going to be specifically attached to your Facebook account. As Buzzfeed explains it, "For example, although your browsing history won’t be used to advertise a discount to an online store you’ve visited before, the activity will still appear in aggregated audience data shown to developers using Facebook’s analytics tools." It may not be perfect but it's better than nothing, right?

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