The Toyota Country Lights Festival is just over two weeks away on Friday, July 22 at NYSEG Stadium. Do you have your reserved grandstand, field or the Hawk VIP Experience tickets yet?

If not, get your tickets now because this is going to be a show you definitely don't want to miss!

On this edition of Glenn's Nashville News (GNN), we take at look at one of the artists performing, Eric Paslay. You may not know this but Eric is the son of missionary parents. He was taught to "pay it forward."

You do something nice for someone else in the hopes that they'll "pay it forward" to someone else as well. On a side note, I've noticed that in this time of economic worries that more people are "paying it forward."

Whether it's buying someone's lunch or paying for someone's groceries, it is so awesome to see.

So Eric has a brand new song called "Angels In This Town." In honor of the single, he is paying it forward. How? Well, check out what he does in Glenn's Nashville News. I hope that he'll do something like that when he is here on the 22nd!

We always thought great things about Eric and hearing this, we like him even more. I think you'll agree.

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