Eric Paslay just released the video with She Don't Love You and boy, are we impressed! He just keeps surprising us and definitely for the better!

The video is very serene and features two people - Eric, looking smokin' hot, if I do say so myself, picking at an acoustic guitar, and the girl, ya know, the one who don't love you. The two don't interact, but we can assume that they are in the same abandoned-looking building. At the very end, as she is walking out, she turns around and looks at Eric, creating the perfect ending to the song and video.

It just so happens that Eric Paslay is one of the FIVE acts to be performing at the Country Lights Festival on July 10th, so if you want to hear this song live, as well as many others, now is your chance! If you haven't yet seen the full lineup, you can check it out here!