There's something really special about seeing a couple still totally in love after many years together. I'm lucky to see this sort of love in my grandparents. They've not always had a fairytale love story, but they've stuck together through all of their ups and downs and have a marriage that has lasted nearly 60 years.

The way that my grandparents look at each other and care for each other grabs at my heart and I'm so thankful that I have them as role models. Jamie Jones has the same type of role models, but for him, the example of a beautiful marriage comes from his parents.

Jamie shot a video of his dad, Sam Jones gently combing his wife Nellie's hair as she fights a kidney infection in the hospital.

As Sam gently combs Nellie's hair he tells her, "You used to comb my hair but I’ve never combed yours before. This is the first time for this, you know." Sam then turns to Jamie and asks, "Am I fixing her hair better?"

Oh, my heart!

When Jamie shared the loving video to Facebook, he wrote, "This is how you carry out your wedding vows after being married for over 70 years."

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