You know that part in a romantic comedy where some hot guy walks up to a girl and lays a cheesy pick-up line on her and it totally works? Yeah, it doesn’t work like that in real life.

Thanks to Hollywood, a lot of guys think they can say whatever they want to a woman as long as they say it with a charming smile and it’ll work out. Um, no. Hate to burst your bubble, but it’s doesn’t work that way.

Sure, there are some pick up lines that are actually funny, but they have to be delivered in just the right way by just the right person to work. If you’re bound and determined to lay on a pick up line at the Hawk’s World’s Largest Singles Party, so so the female race a favor and stay away from these eight lines, which have been named the worst of the worst by The Frisky:

8.“Can I have your phone number? I’m going into the hospital for a few weeks, and I’d really like someone to talk to.”

7. “Hey, baby, wanna ride my escalator?”

6. “Can I wear your thighs for ear muffs?”

5. “So, girls with big lips are usually pretty good at something … Are you?”

4. “The doctor said my mono has finally cleared up. Want to make out?”

3. “Hey, I hear your ankles are having a party. You want to invite your pants down?”

2. “Save water. Shower with me.”

1.“Hey, hey, did it hurt? Huh? Well, did it hurt? When you fell from heaven?”

If finding new love tops your list of things to do in 2014, the first thing you won't want to do is try to find love by striking up a conversation with a cheesy pick up line. The second thing you won't want to do is miss the Hawk's World's Largest Singles Party. It happens Friday January 24th from 7pm-11pm at the DoubleTree Hotel on Water Street in Binghamton. Tickets are $15 in advance and $25 at the door.

At the Hawk's World's Largest Singles Party you'll not only have the chance to meet some new people (maybe even 'the one') but also games and activities, dance music, trivia, free hors d’hourves, Virtual Golf, karaoke, a cash bar and more!