Not everyone can be the total package, and in their newest duet, "Huntin' Land," Dustin Lynch and Riley Green describe a relationship with a girl who's downright incompatible with them in just about every way.

However, there's one important thing about this relationship that'll keep the two singers invested — at least until hunting season is over.

The first verse of "Huntin' Land" rattles off all the things a guy doesn't like about his girlfriend: She doesn't get along with his friends or his dog, she hates his taste in clothing and trucks, and she's always keeping tabs on how much he drinks on the weekend. At first glance, it's hard to tell why the couple are still together.

"Man, my buddies didn't understand," Lynch sings, "Til I told 'em, 'Y'all, her daddy's got huntin' land.'"

A tongue-in-cheek story song, "Huntin' Land" goes on to describe the "couple thousand acres up in Kentucky" that makes staying in a bad relationship worthwhile. Lynch co-wrote the song with Hunter Phelps, Andy Albert and Will Weatherly, and he says that the song has been a chance to have some lighthearted fun with friends and fellow outdoorsmen, both in the studio and onstage.

"'Huntin' Land' is one of those fun songs that we can listen to and have a laugh at while hanging with our buddies. I've been playing this one out at shows recently, and it's been cool watching fans react in real time to it," Lynch explains in a statement. "So pumped Riley [Green] was able to hop on it too. Now we need to get a hunt on the books!"

While the two artists and outdoorsmen may have yet to go on a real hunting trip together, they had plenty of outdoorsy fun in the song's hunting-themed music video, which was filmed on Lynch's own farm.

"Huntin' Land" is the latest in a string of new releases from Lynch, who also recently put out a two-pack of traditional leaning songs, "Pasadena" and "Not Every Cowboy." Before that, he shared a summery duet with Chris Lane, "Tequila on a Boat."

Dustin Lynch (feat. Riley Green)'s "Huntin' Land" Lyrics:

She's always countin' my beers, then she's cuttin' me off / She don't like none of my friends and she's scared of my dog / She never wants to party with me on the weekend / She's always picking fights for no good reason, man / She hates my old lucky boots, always trashing my truck / Telling me what to do, I'm just holding my tongue / Man, my buddies didn't understand / 'Til I told 'em, 'Y'all, her daddy's got huntin' land....'


A couple thousand acres up in Kentucky / Little slice of heaven, out in God's country / Break her heart, lose the farm / Ain't a part of my twelve-point plan / So I'm-a bite the bullet, hold it together / Try to keep her happy, at least 'til December / If I ain't in the stand, I'll be holding her hand / 'Cause her daddy's got huntin' land

Soon as I shook his hand we were hitting it off / Looking up at the studs hanging up on his wall / She rolled her eyes, tried to pull me out / But I was a deer in the headlights when he told me about...

Repeat Chorus

I probably shoulda cut bait for a hundred reasons / But I gotta make it through one rifle season on that...

Repeat Chorus

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