Dustin Lynch has been dating model Kelli Seymour for just over a year now, and by anyone's estimation his girl is a stunner. However, Lynch proves that Seymour is more than just a gorgeous face and figure — she actually checks a whole roster of boxes for him in terms of a great relationship.

“There’s something comfortable about us," Lynch explains to People, adding that his family think she's A-OK, and vice versa. "Honestly, getting the thumbs up from my family is a big deal. And her family, too.”

Well, sure, it's great when families are approving, but it really does come down to the two parties involved—which made it interesting when People asked Lyncb to revisit a 2017 video interview in which he discussed the qualities of his dream girl. As it turns out, two years ago, Lynch wanted a girl who wasn't "into herself," laid-back, confident, loves to laugh, spontaneous and likes to travel.

Lynch confirmed to People that his beautiful brunette does indeed have all those qualities, which had him raving, "She checked all those boxes? That is awesome!”

The singer admits that he was initially attracted to Seymour's looks, seeing her modeling work in 2018 and sliding into her DMs once he'd tracked down her Instagram account. "I mean, DMs happen. How else do you meet somebody, right?" he shrugs. It's hard to argue, as his method worked. The Los Angeles-based model ended up meeting him at one of his shows in Bakersfield, Calif., and they've been checking boxes ever since.

Lynch tells Taste of Country he wrote "Country Star" off his new album, Tullahoma, with Seymour in mind. The song, penned with  Florida Georgia Line's Brian Kelley, was conceived as he was looking to buy his first home and piece of land in rural Tennessee. It's how imagined he and his girl would spend a country night.

“It hasn’t happened in real life," Lynch says. “But I’m working on it."


See Pictures of Dustin Lynch and Girlfriend Kellie Seymour:

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