We've had some really strange weather this month. Really strange. There were days that we woke to frost and other mornings where it was so warm and humid that we wished we hadn't taken our air conditioners.

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Even though the weather this month has been all over the place one thing is for sure - winter is coming. If you're like my family and grow various herbs in your yard and hate to see it lost to snow and freezing temperatures, there's a way that you can save it to use over the winter.

We'll all agree that nothing beats fresh herbs, but dried fresh from your garden herbs is the next best thing and you never know when your stash will come in handy for soups and stews and such over the long cold winter months.

This is our favorite way to dry the fresh herbs we grow because it's fast and virtually mess-free. There's also no need to start the oven or pull out the dehydrator. If you've got a yard that's filled with mint, one of the biggest ways we use our dried mint is to steep the leaves in hot water and then sip on it whenever our bellies aren't feeling the greatest.

How to Use Your Microwave to Dry Fresh Herbs

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