People are always talking about how great marriage is, and how it can bring people close together. It’s heavily romanticized, shown as this grandiose thing and people say it’s how two people become the closest than can be.

Yet, what a lot of people seem to skip over is the engagement.

There seems to be a large gap in stories and narratives that glance over the time spent between an engagement and right be fore the wedding actually starts. It’s almost as if the expectation is that you should only ask your partner to marry you when you’re ready to start planning the wedding. That these moments have to be close to one another.

Well, they don’t have to be.

Weddings are expensive, and so is life as a couple. Sometimes money will be an issue and will hit someone too hard to buy a ring then the wedding. There are other factors that can contribute to, like needing to be able to move if it’s long distance or because of a job or trip. Either way, sometimes it’s not just viable to get married quick. So, should you still propose?

If you’re absolutely sure, then yes.

Think of it like this: a proposal is not just you saying “alright, let’s get married right away.” What it’s saying it “I promise you’re the person I want to spend my life with.” It doesn’t mean that life has to start then and there, but it shows your partner you’re devoted.

Don’t be afraid to if it’s the right person. Don’t feel you need an expensive ring either. Talk to your partner, know what they want and are expecting, and work it out as a couple. Trust me, you’ll be all the closer for it.

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