After this social distancing is over and we are all comfortable getting together with friends I want to be able to share the productive things I did with my 2 weeks at home. Of course I am not really home. I actually am at the station everyday but I still feel like I need to do somethings that I never got around to before the Corona Virus resigned us to days and evenings at home.

I want to be able to check a few things of the "need to do" list, such as

  • Pull down bathroom wall paper - painting will be a different project
  • Sort out the coffee cup cabinet - I am officially out of room
  • Get rid of shoes I'll never wear again - some of them have been around since the 2008 crash

Well you get the idea. I want to actually get to the other side of this two weeks and have a clutter less house to show for it. And if your asking why I am not planning anything fun it's because the fun comes when we can all get together again, in person and not stand 10 feet apart.