Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants children to return to the classroom in the fall, but he's still unsure if it can happen.

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Back in March, students and teachers across New York were pulled from the classroom to try and slow the spread of COVID-19. Cuomo later announced students wouldn't return to the classroom until at least the fall. All learning has been done remotely and summer school sessions will be taking place online this summer.

Summer vacation is underway for New York students, but it's still unclear if schools will be reopened in the fall. In mid-June, Cuomo said he didn't have an answer.

On Sunday, Cuomo was a guest on NBC's Meet The Press, and he said he wants children back in the classroom, but it will depend on the number of coronavirus infections in New York and other states.

"There's also a social consequence. Children have missed schools. Children have missed the interaction with other children and that's part of the socialization process," Cuomo told Chuck Todd on NBC's Meet The Press. "We are preparing to open schools, we have plans to open schools, but look, Chuck, I'll be honest with you. Its two months away. Anything can happen in two months. You look back two months and you see how many things have changed. I want to see what the infection rate is and what the disease is doing before we pull the trigger and make the decision. We're looking at this Kawasaki-like syndrome that is an inflammatory syndrome who affects children who were previously infected with COVID. I mean this is complicated so let's get the facts and we'll make the decision when we have to. But we're prepared and if this continues across the country, you're right, Chuck, kids are going to be home for a long time."

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