Craig Morgan has announced his newest single, “I’ll Be Home Soon.” The song is a country-infused ballad, and a testament to the power of love.

"I'll Be Home Soon," co-produced by Morgan and Byron Gallimore, is from the singer's forthcoming record, A Whole Lot More to Me; it officially impacts country radio on Monday (May 16). The ballad has a full sound, and the lyrics will be relateable for anyone who's had a bad day and needs a hug.

"You call me up, you don't even gotta say a single word / I already know, it's been one of those days, honey / Something's got you stirred up, weighing down / Like an anchor that you gotta drag around / But I know just what you need," Morgan sings. In the chorus, he adds, "I'll be home soon to kiss away the world / Burn your troubles down, I'm gonna make you forget / When I'm holding you, there's only room for us / Nothing else allowed."

"I'll Be Home Soon" evokes the feelings of comfort you get when you call a loved one and know they'll be at your side in an instant; it reminds listeners of those people who are so close to your heart that they know what you're feeling even without words. In fact, the song's title itself is one of the most comforting, loving and relieving phrases.

During the track, Morgan amps up the romance a bit by singing, "I'm running reds / So I can run my fingers through your hair" -- a lyric that's also a nod to the abilities of the song's writers: Justin Ebach, Steven Dale Jones and John King.

In a press release, Morgan states that A Whole Lot More to Me gave him "renewed energy."

"In fact, I’m at the pinnacle of my career — producing, singing and touring. And this album epitomizes that," he continues. "It’s all about living to the fullest, and when people hear it, I know they’ll relate it to their own lives."

The project is set for release on June 3. Fans can pre-order the 12-track record on Morgan's official website.

Listen to Craig Morgan's "I'll Be Home Soon"

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