No matter where I go or who I see, fans love to peel my hat off my head and drop it on theirs. No matter how hot it is outside and how disgusting the hat may be after being on my cranium for a few hours... Some cowgirl at a concert or roadshow will pop it on their head, if they don't already have their own!  For a long time I and some other random guy (that was probably in town with the pro rodeo circuit) were the only ones wearing a cowboy hat. Now, you see a sea of people with them on. While at Behel Woods for the Brad Paisley show, someone even asked him if they could have his cowboy hat! Brad, of course, happily gave it up! It makes me smile. you can see in the picture that my G.M. even wore my hat at Spiedie Fest once to keep the rain from running down the back of her neck.  Multi-purpose cowboy gear. I say cowboy hats for everyone!!

Y'all look good!