The boldest statements don't from social media. Country singers take a greater risk when they speak up on important issues in song. In 2018, that happened in ways that were both subtle and shocking.

Gun control and politics are the two topics many have been calling for country's most well-known artists to speak out on, and this year artists like Carrie Underwood, Kane Brown and Eric Church answered the call. A fearless country newcomer humanized drug abuse, while another upstart female approached homelessness in a way not done recently — perhaps ever.

There were official and unofficial responses to the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements and one quiet lyric from Luke Bryan that let everyone know equality should be something we all strive for. The multi-time Entertainer of the Year didn't stand on a soapbox, but he did work his message to No. 1 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart.

An emotional response to death, a vulnerable show of gratitude to a hero and one young man's simple reminder from mom also make this list of songs that made statements in 2018. No, telling people to call their mama is not a brazen risk, but asking radio to play it again and again is. It remains to be seen if Seth Ennis will be rewarded for having the courage to lead with his heart, but perhaps he already has been.

12 Songs That Made Statements in 2018:

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