This may be the closest we ever come to hosting a shake-off. Luke Bryan stands in one corner, Faith Hill in another. Both are ready to shake it to the center, but who does it better?

Recent video from Hill's Soul2SoulTour with Tim McGraw find the singer doing a five-second shimmy to a great rock beat. A head bang is added as an exclamation point before the full video starts again, because it's Instagram and that's how it works.

Bryan's hip shaking moves are legendary. While he concedes that's his signature — and only — dance move, he also knows he's pretty good at it. Do we need to show you more video of him gettin' down on the concert floor before you decide? Okay, here are a few clips:

Of course, these are not the only country stars who like to shake it. At the 2016 CMT Awards, Taste of Country asked two dozen artists what their go-to dance move is, and quite a few admitted that liked to groove down low. Natalie Stovall knows how to move it. Funky country crooner Drew Baldridge does, too. Canaan Smith can grind like no other, even if his wife gets a little embarrassed by his moves.

So now, you vote. Who shakes it best? Bryan, Hill or someone else? It's us, right? When you're done voting, be sure to learn about every country's singer's go-to dance moves in the fun video below. The sprinkler, the running man, the dab ... they're all there.

Watch Country Stars Share Their Go-To Dance Moves

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