The hook of Cole Swindell's new song "Some Habits" is perhaps the most memorable of his career thus far. The singer's easy new love song isn't one he wrote, yet somehow, it's his most personal since "You Should Be Here."

Hearing Swindell work through the comparisons that lead up to his "I love you" moment brings about a real warmth. A slow, patient melody through the chorus is the type that any singer in town would love on a record. Scooter Carusoe, Josh Miller and Chris LaCorte paint a vivid landscape with their words, but it's the way it's framed that makes it special in 2021.

While at times quiet, Swindell's career has kept rolling since he debuted with "Chillin' It" in 2013 (see below). Adding another eight years of longevity requires adjustments, however — something audible in "Some Habits." This is the first song he's released that 29 or 30-year-old Cole Swindell couldn't have made as good.

Did You Know?: Cole Swindell has been one of the most reliable radio artists of the last decade. Ten of his 11 singles have reached No. 1 or No. 2 on country airplay charts.

Cole Swindell's "Some Habits" Lyrics:

Yeah, I'm rough around the edges / On the surface I ain't perfect / Still need a little smoothin' out / It's hard to shift gears / After years of goin' one way / And one day turnin' around / But like water tanks, barns and rusted junk cars / Get saved by a coat of paint / It takes somebody like you to make a sinner like me / Wanna try and be a little more saint.

Cause good bourbon is hard to put down / That high road is hard to stay on / That good book gets hard to pick up / That old me is hard to turn off / Girl, I've been tryin' like hell / Might be gettin' ahead of myself / But the longer I love you, the more I know / Some habits ain't meant to be broke.

Yeah, habits like lyin' next to you / Like makin' you laugh / Like fillin' up a wall full of photographs / Like learning how to listen / Red light quick kissin' / Sunday mornin' amens, third pew forgiven / Like hometown walkin', mean nothin' talkin' / Together every settin' sundown / Like through the house dancin' / And hardwood catchin' / Our clothes fallin' to the ground.

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, a man's gotta know when it's time to let go / What he's gotta outgrow and can't / And as long as it's you / That I don't gotta lose then everything else I can.

Repeat Chorus

Yeah, some habits ain't meant to be broke / Like loving you, like loving you.

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