Chris Young has been invited to join the Grand Ole Opry. Vince Gill rendered the "Losing Sleep" singer nearly speechless when he invited him on Tuesday night (Aug. 29). It was an emotional moment, as made clear in a picture taken when Young learned the news.

The night was already special for him, as he was accepting plaques recognizing that his album Neon went platinum, and his collaboration with Gill on "Sober Saturday Night" went gold. That proved to be the perfect guise for Gill appearing on stage after Young performed a three-song set. The legend had asked Young if he could sing first, pretending to not feel well. Instead he was planning on surprising him and the audience with the Grand Ole Opry invite.

Afterward, during a candid moment onstage, Young was seen thanking Gill for participating. The 32-year-old was clearly overcome with emotion, and not expecting it all. Gill "just slipped it in at the end."

"I'm smooth, that's why Amy Grant likes me," ToC overheard Gill saying. The induction will happen on Oct. 17.

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Young would sing "Lonely Eyes," "Gettin' You Home" and "I'm Comin' Over" before Gill appeared with the two plaques, proclaiming to the audience, "I'm healed!" After an emotional invite, an even more emotional embrace took place, in which Young lifted Gill off the ground. Young then said a few words before kicking off "Sober Saturday Night," his final song.

The timing begins what should be a great year for Young. He's set to release his sixth studio album Losing Sleep in October.

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