I own a 1985 golf cart that I use at the campground to get around during camping season. That's what you see above. It's decked out for the annual campground 4th of July parade.

Almost everyone else at the campground has a golf cart, so I had to keep up with the Joneses, right? It's not a pretty looking golf a cart by any means, but it runs. Well, most of the time. My mechanic has told me many times to let it go in peace and get something that's a bit less than three decades old.

Golf carts aren't exactly cheap, and right now I have other things to pay for, but it won't be long until my golf cart shuts down for the final time. So, I was recently looking on eBay to see what type of golf carts are up for sale. Wow, there are some really cool ones I'd love to own, but I'm sure my budget won't allow it right now. These aren't the traditional type golf carts you'd see at a golf course, but would sure be cool to own!

Gold Carts I'd Love To Own

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