Zookeeper – Birdsall’s Odd Jobs [VIDEO]
It's time to show you what we all do for a living. Since you already know what I do, we want to take a stab at YOUR job in a series called 'Birdsall's Odd Jobs'. This of course is inspired by my idol, Mike Rowe.
This week we were invited to the Binghamton Zoo at Ross Park where I …
Binghamton’s Top 5 Hot New Videos [WATCH]
So what are Hawk listeners watching this week on You Tube?  Lots of new country music videos have been released of late and I decided to put together the top 5 new videos that listeners are digging.  Oh yeah, and let us know your favorite.
Hawk Video Spotlight on Chris Janson: ‘Buy Me A Boat’
It seems appropriate that as I write this post featuring the new Chris Janson tune "Buy Me A Boat," it's a downpour in Downtown Binghamton.  Ever since the Hawk debuted Chris' new song, it has been a favorite request on Noon Toons.
Chris may be a new name to you but actually you may know hi…
Country Lights ‘Party’ Mix [VIDEO]
The lineup for the Toyota Country Lights Festival is strong.  We are fortunate that most of the artists have had top 10 or #1 hits, which is always a nice bonus when you are seeing a concert. And the best part is you get 5 concerts for an awesome price wight here in Binghamton!

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