Carly Pearce sings that she'll never spill the details, but there is plenty her man didn't do to keep her. In debuting a new song earlier this month, the "Next Girl" singer once again looks to have dug deep into her personal narrative.

"I've got my side of the story and he's got his side, too," Pearce sings in the clip of a song called "Didn't Do" below, captured by fans during her performance at the Listening Room in Nashville. "I ain't gonna go and tell you what he did, but I'll tell you what he didn't do."

In June, Pearce and singer Michael Ray announced they were divorcing after eight months of marriage. It was a stunning end to a very high-profile relationship that found them fawning over one another in interviews and on social media.

Neither singer has shared exactly what went wrong in their marriage, but in interviews, Pearce talks about how difficult the last seven months have been for her and how she felt she fought harder than he did to save the marriage. If this new song "Didn't Do" is indeed about the end of that relationship, she builds on that theme.

"Treat me right, put me first / Be a man of his words, stay home because he wanted to / Always fight for me love, hold on tight like it's something that he couldn't stand to lose / The devil's in the details, I won't tell the hell that he put me through / All I know is in the end it wasn't what he did / No, it was what he didn't do," she sings.

Both Pearce and Ray have new music coming. Ray has said very little about what themes he'll rely on for his album, but promises an album that's distinctively country. Pearce is coming off a career best year, thanks in large part to her critically acclaimed self-titled album and her duet with Lee Brice, "I Hope You're Happy Now." She too has new music on tap and has shared parts of break up songs like "Heart First" and "Messy" with fans. She also has written a tribute to her friend and late producer Busbee called "Show Me Around" that she's released in its entirety.

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