We all love live music no matter whether it's a concert venue, or catching a band or single artist in your local bar or pub. During this time of COVID-19 stay at home sheltering, that treat is out the door.

Many concerts planned for the next couple of months have either been postponed, re-scheduled or cancelled. So we thought, what if we could connect you a local or regional mini music performance?

Now, it won't be a performance from a major artist, but we have seen some local and regional bands and musicians doing impromptu show on social media, so if they are to continue during this pandemic, why not give you the heads up who they are and when they might be performing on social media?

If you or a band, group, or musician is planning to do a live performance on social media, let us know, and we will post it here to let everyone know. Musicians need work, so some may even offer a way to tip for their performance.

Here's what we're looking for:
If you are a musician, musical group or band,  give us a shout at randy.horton@townsquaremedia.com.

We also need the following information:

  • Name (single artist or band or whatever you call yourself)
  • Genre of Music Genre (Country, Classic Rock, Top 40, etc.)
  • Tell us in less than 150 words, something about you/your band
  • The day and time of your upcoming social media  performance
  • What streaming method your performance will be on - Facebook/Instagram, etc. and what the link is to access your performance

We'll update this article with upcoming performances as we get more submissions.

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